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After purchasing my first serious camera, a Pentax  6x7 II medium format film camera, in 1998, it was on.  For the next decade I combined my passions for
photography and travel and wandered the world.  Along the way I was fortunate enough to capture indigenous markets in Guatemala, Thailand, Peru and Bolivia;
ruins in Cambodia, Honduras, Egypt and Indonesia; doors and windows in Greece, Portugal, Colombia and Mexico; beach chairs in the Dominican Republic, Belize
and Costa Rica; and many other images I only dreamed about as a child.

In 2007 I married my wonderful wife Dawn, settled down and started a family.  My focus now shifted from capturing the world to capturing the beauty of Big Bear.  
After visiting amazing photographic galleries in places such as Telluride, Jackson Hole and Sedona I made the decision to bring that majestic, dynamic
photography to the Big Bear Valley.  Over the past few years I have set about capturing the majesty of Big Bear.

Today I live in the Big Bear Valley with my wife and two children, Jackson and Dilyn.  On most mornings and late afternoons you can usually find me somewhere
around the late or in the surrounding mountains with a camera in hand capturing the beauty of this wonderful valley.

You can find my photography at the following locations in Big Bear:

*   Wild Coyote Gallery  (Located on Village Drive in the Big Bear Village)
*   Wings Jewelers
*   572 Social
*   (909) 273-9351, *
Orders and Info Orders and Info:: jewortham@yahoo.com
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